Cloud King


Ryan Pfluger

My name is Ryan Pfluger and I am 20 years old. This December I graduated with a BFA in photography from SUNY New Paltz in upstate New York, and in the fall I will be going to grad school at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). I actually didn't start photography until less than two years ago because I was very undecided as to what art field I wanted to concentrate my studies in.

Photography became an outlet for me to express my life, issues I wanted people to be aware of, and I also wanted to try and give people a window into viewing and understanding different lifestyles they may not be accustomed to. I became really inspired by photographers like Nan Goldin and Mark Morisroe and other photographers that were part of the Museum School in the early 70s. I have also been really influenced by photographers like David Lachapelle and other fashion/editorial oriented photographers and the aesthetic they used. My goal for myself is to combine emotional honesty with the people involved in my life, but at the same time, attain a highly stylized way of working. I try and convey a sense of mystery within my work, that gives the feeling that something has happened or is about to happen. Sometimes these things may be unsettling. As a whole, I hope people begin to question there own lives, and how they can relate those questions to my work.

I use a Mamyia 645E, with various lenses. I really enjoy the quality of medium format as well as its framing. It really has become as portable and easy as 35mm for me now. I sometimes use my Nikon but very rarely.

I use Hensel Strobes for my lighting

Kodak EPP100 slide film and Fuji NPC 160 as well as various Iflord and Fuji Films for Black and White.