Cloud King


Patrick Dunne

Patrick Dunne has been painting his Thumbheads for eight years now, and they represent a beautiful yet twisted world that exists in his imagination. He first started drawing these unusual characters while at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was studying illustration. Inspired by comic books, pop art and a general love of collage, these paintings offer a simplistic and light-hearted look at some of the more complex emotional and spiritual situations we all face as human beings. The pieces are incredibly rich with texture and color, and are built with layers of drawings, photographs and paint, as well as found objects such as bumper stickers, receipts and junk mail. On top of this Dunne uses acrylics and inks to paint different scenes or situations that have taken place in his life. Whether they are moral struggles, death, love or just plain weirdness. The paintings are a sort of therapy for him, and a good way to process the daily struggles we all have. They are meant to transport the viewer to a place where anything can happen; where there are no rules. In the end these paintings are very personal yet very universal.

Works by Patrick Dunne