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Owen Mundy

Owen Mundy was born (1975) and raised in rural Lawrence County, Indiana. While working as a Photographer's Mate in the U.S. Navy (1994-1996) he traveled extensively throughout Asia and North America. In 2002, he received a BFA in Photography and minors in Art History and Psychology from Indiana University. He currently resides in Bloomington, IN. and is working as a Interactive and New Media Designer for Cook, Inc.

Mundy has been exhibiting and publishing his photographs for the last 5 years in Indiana, Illinois, and New York. Publications include Paper Magazine, Cocked and Ready, and the NPCI Annual. Mundy also works in video, new media, and sculpture.

These images come from a large social documentary project entitled, Re-discovering Indiana. Since May 2001 Mundy has been traveling to local and regional county fairs, town festivals, carnivals, and other assorted events making photographs that depict the usually rural Hoosier culture. "Because I grew up in rural Southern Indiana I have a lot of compassion to the people in the images. But since I was able to spend a few years away and come back as an artist, I can look back at my own culture a little more objectively. I feel that they are critical and celebratory at the same time." See more work by Owen Mundy here:

Mundy is also a Founder of the Bloomington-based not-for-profit arts organization, Your Art Here. He is currently co-directing and volunteering as a web and print designer. Your Art Here currently uses commercial billboards as venues for socially conscious art. Learn more about Your Art Here. On the web at