Cloud King


Noa Terliuc

Excerpts from an interview with the artist:

Q. How do you relate to the fact that lots of artists suffer a lifetime of poverty just to be recognized and sold for millions after death?
A. I think it's mostly a myth. I don't go with that. An artist must first exist in order to be able to create. You need to find a way to combine creation with a way to support yourself honorably. People who hide behind the "I cant create when I'm too busy surviving" concept are plain lazy.

Q. What is the most difficult part of the painting process?
A. Finishing it. And then being cool with how it looks.

Q. Do you personally relate to all the subjects of your art, or are they just fragments of your imagination?
A. Everything is personal. my reality and my imaginations. I think the only common ground in my works is that it's very personal. It's my point of view of things.

Q. What importance has an education in art on the development of an artist? In other words, do you suck if you don't go to art school, or is it just a waste of time and money?
A. I think it depends on where you go and who teaches you. A good teacher is so hard to find, but is the best thing you can find. The trouble is that good teachers are rarely found in schools. I think schools can improve an artist's technical skills, but can also ruin his original style, ideals and soul. An institute has got to have a good perception to give you before he takes your own.