Cloud King


Nir Aharon

Nir Aharon, b. 1974. Born in Beer Sheva, Israel, Nir graduated from the Vital Design Studies center in Tel Aviv with a degree in Graphic Design and has participated in various group exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Chicago, NY, Miami.

“NIR AHARON's work with words in short statements, creating a nonconformist dialog in a graphic yet intimate design, like scribbling in a notebook, juxtaposing a contemporary yet primitive appearance, linked to the art of graffiti and the esthetic of 'anyone-can-do-it', with its sources derived from the East Village of Manhattan's Lower East Side, particularly the work of J.M. Basquiat. But unlike Basquiat, Aharon deals more with the surface, through both micro and macrocosmic polarity; his paintings combine the free expressive with the controlled, disciplined and methodic design of minute details. Choosing such icons as related to the communication and transportation systems, his art becomes a slogan/statement of mechanized alienation.”
(Judit Kriwisky Biet Bialik Museum Tel Aviv 2000)