Cloud King


Micah Goulart

"Ever since I held a digital camera for the first time, I was intrigued by the unlimited possibilities, the moments to be captured and the excitement there would be of seeing each photo for the first time. Beginning with the camera's manual, books and experience were my only teachers. As I look back now and realize how much I've learned in only 2 years, I am reminded of how much more I have to learn.

"Every so often though, I pull out the prints of the photos I've taken and enjoy the moments captured on film. Very few of my photos are setup so each photo brings back different memories of the moment and so mean more than just what is seen. What I try to accomplish through my photography is not only to seize a moment on film, but also to stop time for a hundredth of a second and in so doing, hopefully immortalize the beauty of that moment. May you see that beauty in every photo."