Cloud King


Justo Cascante III

"I have been living in Hong Kong for 12 years now, I'm originally from Manila Philippines. After graduating Fine Arts major in Painting, I started to work as a Special Effects Make -Up Artist and a Senior Sculptor. After few years I moved to Hong Kong to work in Tsui Hark's film outfit and production house as Multi media artist using all medium to produce visual effects for movies including 3d animation, despite my busy production schedule in front of computers I still have time to paint and hoping someday I could blend my two interest into one with no differences. Because of its fast pace life and fast intake of information Painting for me is a kind of cooling system to balance myself to produce more quality works. Another achievement recently was the founding of a web portal for Filipino visual artist.

"I had three one man exhibition in HongKong and Philippines and around 15 group exhibition. My commercial works on computers open up a new view on how I see my future paintings based from patterned and Pre-digested images from pop culture and famous local everyday icons. Hopefully they will be transparent and blended in terms of form and content."

Works by Justo Cascante III