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Gianluca Costantini

Gianluca Costantini is a videoplay's generation son. He grows up eating comics and images. He realize his personal style influenced by bizantine mosaique of Ravenna and by Willian Burroghs concerning texts. Related to underground world of comics, he joins also Art world: presented in Artefiera of Bologna on 2002, he showed his works in a lot of art galleries in Italy and abroad (Sarajevo, Thessaloniki - Saint Etienne in France - Ljubljana in Slovenia).He is obssesed by art and krafts, like micromosaique, painture on paper washed in coffee or such things, but he is also attracted by new tecnologies and he works as Web Designer. In the net he animated the group

Gianluca Costantini is Art Director of "inguineMAH!gazine" published by Coniglio Editore (Roma), he writes on ArtLab (Integrata edizioni, Milano) and on site of Web Design "DesignRadar".

In collaboration with Mirada cultural association he was a curator of exhibitions of: Marjane Satrapi, Joe Sacco, Stripburek Fumetti d'altra Europa and he organizes activities for local office for young artists of Ravenna.

He published draws and comics stories for: Q International, InguineMAH!gazine, iPUNK, BRR!, Foton (Serbia), Cyberzone, L'Erroneo, Blue, Spaghetti, Petrolio, Ganesh, Mutate&Survive (Portugal), Iaikku (Finland), Kerosene, Fagorgo, Stripburger (Slovenija), Interzona, AltervoxMagazine, Tatoo Comix, Museo Teo Art Fanzine, Schizzo, Noidonne, Tmeo (Spain), Katzyvary, Rumore, Il Nuovo Male, Tribý Magazine d'Urto, R!erre Almanacco di cultural preventiva, Succo Acido, Alan Moore: Ritratto di uno straordinario Gentlemen, Hamelin, ALIAS, Milk and Vodka (Switzerland), NarraSud, Fernandel, Tank Girl, Neural, Isaac Asimov S.F. Magazime, Comic Land, Il Manifesto.