Cloud King


Daryl Campbell

Originally born 'n' bred in Belfast, N. Ireland, Daryl Campbell studied Visual Communications at the University of Ulster, only to return a few years later to gain a Masters Degree in Applied Art. After spending most of his professional life as a Graphic and Web Designer, Daryl has recently returned to his first love, illustration, to create and maintain an online art project with a rather hectic schedule. Most of the illustrations you see on Cloud King are part of this project, which can be found online at The concept behind the project involves producing an illustration each day which represents a story found within the news media. The illustration is generated according to a 30 minute time frame. It is hoped that once compiled and presented in printed format that this will be a valuable visual representation of a year in the 21st Century.

Daryl is currently living and working in Brisbane, Australia for a social enterprise ( that trains disadvantaged youth and operates a not-for-profit, sustainable graphic design studio.