Cloud King


Christy Romanick

Haunting minimal beauty is conceptually what I strive for in my photographs. What I see and experience is cropped into a simple displacement of the senses. I challenge the viewer into self-interpretation by blurring the familiar and strange into a subconscious dreamy-state. As an artist, I am interested in experimenting using different techniques with my camera to investigate the perception of banal objects or life situations. I am inspired and influenced by my surroundings, music and from other artists.

I currently live near Boston, Massachusetts where I also grew up. I work at a photo lab and do freelance photography, design my own line of hand made greeting cards and play music in a band with my husband.

My work has been exhibited on numerous online magazines and galleries as well as having two solo shows at the Morse Institute in Natick, Massachusetts.

I am looking for places to exhibit and for people to collaborate with who have similar interests. Contact me if you are interested,