Cloud King


Caryn Drexl

"I am a self taught photographer living in Florida. No, it's not the most inspiring place, but it works. I tend to work with a digital slr instead of film, mostly for convenience and money reasons, though i will always have a love and appreciate for traditional methods, particularly vintage cameras. My images, usually described as conceptual and even dark, almost always portray women, mostly because thats just where my head goes. Topics i usually explore are those i know best, and being a girl just means it's easier for me to look at things from that perspective. And usually, i just get more meaning out of something that's dark than i do something that is solely pretty. [Which doesn't mean i don't take those kind of pictures, i just don't always share them.] More of my work can be seen here: [with even more images viewable @] or i can be emailed directly via caryn [at]"