Cloud King


Barry Lorne

"My paintings are intended to be a representation of a particular snippet in time, a moment of recognition, a memory flavoured in nostalgia. I believe that all lives can be determined or altered in a particular instant. This instant is often associated with a moment or event outside our normal circumstance or comprehension. My intent is to highlight this moment of recognition and perceptual stutter with the use of select imagery contained within a square format combined with the inherent nature of varied tactile materials.

"With my paintings I use imagery strong in content but removed of context to facilitate the transformation of the picture painting plane from a formal format to a departure mantle for an implied spiritual infinity beyond a pedestrian art scenario or life gesture.

"In each and all of my paintings I use Baltic birch for it s subtle grain and skin-like surface as a component of the painting not a separate entity. It is my belief that the elements of a painting are equal to the painting and should be balanced accordingly. My paintings are not intended to be political, referential, ironic, exclusive, contemporary or historical rather the intent in each painting is to be approachable and engaging."