Cloud King


Amanda Hone

"Paint, pastel, wax and wool. I love to create, be it a massive 2 metre square canvas taking weeks or an afternoon curled up knitting myself a hat.

"Colour is my guiding principle. I only have to see a box of paints or a bag of many colours of wool and I am itching to play around with it. It has long been my ambition to discover a new colour that nobody has ever seen before. This might be tricky as I now have a vague understanding of physics and it is possible I might have to stretch the rules somewhat to accommodate my desire!

"I was born in England, raised in Scotland and I now live in Wales in virtual isolation beneath the mountains of Snowdonia. I was a dreadful child. Wilful and pig-headed. I am an equally dreadful adult. Still wilful and if possible, more pig-headed than I was! Art is a wonderful way to express yourself and my paintings reflect the very great joy I have in being me, in being alive. I wilfully abandon all good technique and teaching in the sheer pleasure of thwacking the paint on the canvas in whatever manner takes my fancy.

"I am entirely self-taught, having been abandoned as a lost cause by all teachers when I was 15."