Cloud King


Alan Taylor

Recently transplanted to Boston from Seattle, Alan makes a living at being a professional Web Monkey. Several years ago he started experimenting with Photoshop, and ended up producing hundreds of small abstract images. While most are completely abstract, there tends to be a flavor of "microphotography" in the images, where the subject matter looks very much like images taken by an electron microscope or similar instrument.

He started as a repository for these images, as well as a collection of Earth Imagery gathered from NASA's public offerings. Most recently he's started a wordless blog, called "nowords 365", with the goal of posting one new original image a day, every day for at least one calendar year.

Alan is also known elsewhere for being the creator of "Amazon Light" — an early example of an application running on's Webservices platform, and for being the creator of the "Megapenny Project", an award-winning exercise in the visualization of very large numbers.