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Akif Hakan Celebi

Akif Hakan Celebi has graduated from The University Of Kentucky (B.S. Marketing) and The Art Institute Of Ft. Lauderdale (A.S. TV/Video Production). He considers himself as a Media Maker. He has worked on several TV networks (USA Broadcasting, NBC, CBS and Comcast ) as a Videographer,Producer,Director and Editor. Produced his own TV shows for Public Access TV. Founded South Florida Independent Film Group to help promote Independent Film and create networking opportunities for the local filmmakers. Produced several short films through the group and has been very active in the media/arts circle locally. He has been involved in Photography more seriously for the last 2 years. He emphasizes on using different styles in his photographic works. He always tries to be on top of the current artistic trends in photography and blends them with his own style and vision. He has also recently launched Collaborate! Photography Project where digital artist and photographers around the world work together on specific photographic projects.

Akif Hakan Celebi currently lives and works in Miami, Florida and available for freelance/full-time employment opportunities. Please contact him at (954) 608-9758.