Cloud King


Adi Mahalu

Excerpts from an interview with the artist:

Q. What things on the road ignite your muse?
A. Being an airport vagabond, just me and my backpack, seeing people In motion, seeing the corruptness of the American society, all accompanied by music, which is the soundtrack of my life.

Q. Your works seem to always have a theme attached to them, usually accompanied by text. Where do you draw ideas for those works from?
A. Usually from different sentences that jump to mind and seem fit at the moment. It comes from books, music, and some times from imagination. Most of the times the text comes before the piece itself, but sometimes it all comes together, like a riddle solved by me only.

Q. What is your favorite medium and why?
A. Pencils on paper, mostly because of the last period. But when I get into serious works, I like drawing on wood. I object to the concept of canvas in general. Approaching a white rectangle is problematic for me. I prefer approaching an unprocessed piece of wood, with a different shape every time. It's more untamed than canvas. Canvas is easier to buy, but more different to approach.

Q. You are known to be very influenced by Jean Michel Basquiat. What is it about him that attracts you so much?
A. The way we met. The way our styles met. I saw the film ("Basquiat"), and started looking around. I sometimes feel like our souls are attached. We have something in common, it's not just influence, it's high powers, he's like my spiritual guide. I just hope I won't die of overdose at 28.