Cloud King


Adam Neate

Prior to living in London, Adam spent two years living in Ipswich working as a designer. His spare time was dedicated to skateboarding and painting. Usually he would paint on old bits of cardboard, wood etc — literally anything he could get his hands on. What initially began as painting to the requests of his friends, evolved into what Adam is renowned for — the concept of free art.

With the discarded wood and cardboard he painted on, Adam would return his finished works to the same spots, leaving them for anyone who came upon them. If they liked what they saw, they could literally walk away with it.

After moving to London, Adam began painting on canvas. He has also applied his concept to exhibitions he takes part in. If you claim the painting, you can take it home. If the art isn't claimed, it is randomly put on the streets anyway. No fuss, no worries. Hopefully this creates a positive feeling for people who come across Adam's work, be it on the streets or in a gallery.

Works by Adam Neate